"After Sales Services"

Buying your apartment or house from MsMentorGroup Turkey gives you the advantageous privilege to benefit from our high quality “before and after-sales” services. Our policy is to achieve “customer satisfaction” at all stages of purchasing and residing your property in Turkey. 

"Process Of Buying Property In Turkey"

The property buying process in Turkey may seem daunting and like negotiating a minefield for foreign investors,

"Turkish Citizenship"

Acquire your Turkish Citizenship / Passport by investing in Turkish Real Estate. Purchase or invest in a property worth $ 250,000/=

"Residence Permit"

MsMentorGroup, Supports Families Who Have Long-Term Plans And Consider To Buying A Property For A Long Term Residence Permit In Turkey.

"Work Permit"

MsMentorGroup, Supports The Application Process For A Turkey Work Visa. Foreigners who have residence permit valid for 6 months can apply Turkey work permit.

"Lawyer and Solicitor Supports"

There Are Common Checks Of The Property For A Secure Purchase That Solicitors And Lawyers Do.

"Establishing A Business In Turkey"

When Establishing A Company In Turkey, One Needs To Adhere To The Following Rules And Regulations:

"Open Bank Account in Turkey"

The Initial Step For Foreigners When Buying A Property Is, Opening A Bank Account In Turkey.

"Get Tax ID Number in Turkey"

A Tax Number Is The Essential ID Number For Each Registration And Financial Transaction In Turkey.

"Issuing a Power of Attorney"

You Can Give A Power Of Attorney To All Notaries In Turkey. The Process Generally Takes 2 Hours. The Attorney Does Not Need To Be Present..

"Title Deed (Tapu) Transfer"

Based On The Type Of Real Estate And Ownership, There Are Different Categories Within The Turkish Title Deed.

"Property Insurance in Turkey"

Turkey Secures Your Home In One Insurance Policy From Fire To Flood, Theft To The Earthquake.

"Real Estate Valuation"

If You Consider Buying A Property In Turkey, You Need To Be Sure About The Value Of The Property That You Will Buy.

"Furniture Pack"

After buying a new property, one of the things on your to-do list will be decorating your home with new furniture.

"Sell Your Property"

If you have a property in Turkey, Pakistan Or UK and want to sell it, get in touch with us today.

"Property Management"

The property management company in Turkey is the company that manages the property that you have purchased in Turkey.

"Utility Subscriptions"

MsMentorGroup Turkey also gives after-sale services for your dream home following the termination of your purchase process.


Purchase Of The Immovable Property At Least 250.000 USD Or Equivalent Foreign Currency Or Equivalent Amount Of Turkish Lira.

"Legal Information"

There Are Two Ways To Issue Power Of Attorney From Abroad …

"Other Expenses When Buying Property in Turkey"

Unlike other countries, expenses when buying a property in Turkey are low,

"Investment Types"

Article 12 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 allows foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship in exceptional terms.

"Buying a Car and Traveling to Turkey"

Vehicle sales are done at the notary. It takes approximately 15 minutes. If it is a brand new car,

"Real Estate Taxation in Turkey"

You can find the details about different property tax types and when they will be applied in Turkey below. These are,